A E Baby this love is so serene Bm D Midnight sails boats on the Caribbean A E Pacific waters I'll even take Jamaica bay Bm D Sooner or later girl me and you A We're gonna get away E A little town in Italy Bm D A fire side cafe, just you and me Bm As soon as I catch the wind D A F#m I'm gonna take you, girl, and sail away Bm As soon as I catch the wind D A I'm gonna take you, girl, and sail away Baby, this love you wish for E I've seen, I've heard of white horses Bm Running along the shore D Might have been a dream or on the movie screen A Hey, I'm not sure E Spanish dancers click their castanets Bm D The accordeon fades as they pull up the nets A I wanna walk with you down a cobblestone road E D See al the beautiful things that we've never known Bm As soon as I catch the wind D A F#m I'm gonna take you, girl, and sail away Bm as soon as I catch the wind D A I'm gonna take you, girl, and sail away
120150200-km-por-hora-acordes-roberto-carlos|120...150...200 km por hora|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-atriz-acordes-roberto-carlos|A atriz|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-che-serve-volare-acordes-roberto-carlos|A che serve volare|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-cigana-acordes-roberto-carlos|A cigana|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-deusa-da-minha-rua-acordes-roberto-carlos|A deusa da minha rua|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-distancia-acordes-roberto-carlos|A distância|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-estacao-acordes-roberto-carlos|A estação|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-garota-do-baile-acordes-roberto-carlos|A garota do baile|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-guerra-dos-meninos-acordes-roberto-carlos|A guerra dos meninos|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-ilha-acordes-roberto-carlos|A ilha|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-janela-acordes-roberto-carlos|A-janela|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-menina-e-o-poeta-acordes-roberto-carlos|A menina e o poeta|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-montanha-acordes-roberto-carlos|A montanha|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-mulher-que-eu-amo-acordes-roberto-carlos|A mulher que eu amo|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-namorada-acordes-roberto-carlos|A namorada|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg 448
acordes-the-beatles|The Beatles|the-beatles.jpg acordes-john-lennon|John Lennon|john-lennon.jpg?93 acordes-elvis-presley|Elvis Presley|elvis-presley.jpg acordes-coldplay|Coldplay|coldplay.jpg acordes-ed-sheeran|Ed Sheeran|ed-sheeran.jpg?12 acordes-alexandre-pires|Alexandre Pires|alexandre-pires.jpg acordes-roberto-carlos-e-jennifer-lopes|Roberto Carlos e Jennifer Lopes|roberto-carlos-e-jennifer-lopes.jpg?2 acordes-julio-iglesias|Julio Iglesias|julio-iglesias.jpg acordes-justin-bieber|Justin Bieber|justin-bieber.jpg acordes-adele|Adele|adele.jpg acordes-charles-gounod|Charles Gounod|charles-gounod.jpg acordes-creedence-clearwater-revival|Creedence Clearwater Revival|creedence-clearwater-revival.jpg acordes-bob-marley|Bob Marley|bob-marley.jpg acordes-queen|Queen|queen.jpg acordes-oasis|Oasis|oasis.jpg 40