Gm7 Cm7 F7 The buttons on the white blouse Bb7m That you wore that night Gm7 Am7(b5) D7 Gm7 Trying a bit shyly To unbutton right Cm7 F7 Bb7m One by one they openned Far enough to see Eb7m Cm7 D7 Gm7 Eb7m Cm7 Gm7 A little more of you That you gave to me Cm7 F7 Bb7m Lovers give themselves Always wanting more Gm7 Am7(b5) D7 Gm7 Pillows in disorder Clothes upon the floor.. Cm7 F7 B7m I'm that one to hold And lips that need to touch Gm7 Eb7m Cm7 D7 Eb7m Whispering the words That can mean so much Cm7 F7 Bb7m Outside it was raining The raincoat on the wall Gm7 Cm7 D7 Gm7 Was watching every moment Never spoke at all Cm7 F7 Bb7m And that same white blouse That finally openned right Eb7m Cm7 D7 Fell into a corner and Gm7 Eb7m Dm7 Gm7 Cm7 F7 Bb7m Gm7 Am7(b5) D7 Waited in the night Gm7 Cm7 F7 Bb7m I'm that one to hold The lips that need to touch Eb7m Cm7 D7 D#7 Whispering the words That can mean so much G#m7 C#m7 F#7 B7m G#m7 Outside it was raining The raincoat on the wall A#m(b5) D# G#m7 Watching every moment Never spoke at all C#m7 F#7 B7m G#m7 And that same white blouse That finally openned right C#m7 D#7 Fell into a corner and G#m7 E7m Waited in the night F# G#m7 E7m Waited in the night F# G#m7 Waited in the night
120150200-km-por-hora-tablatura-roberto-carlos|120...150...200 km por hora|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-atriz-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A atriz|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-che-serve-volare-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A che serve volare|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-cigana-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A cigana|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-deusa-da-minha-rua-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A deusa da minha rua|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-distancia-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A distância|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-estacao-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A estação|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-garota-do-baile-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A garota do baile|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-guerra-dos-meninos-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A guerra dos meninos|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-ilha-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A ilha|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-janela-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A-janela|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-menina-e-o-poeta-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A menina e o poeta|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-montanha-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A montanha|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-mulher-que-eu-amo-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A mulher que eu amo|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg a-namorada-tablatura-roberto-carlos|A namorada|Roberto Carlos|roberto-carlos.jpg 448
tablatura-the-beatles|The Beatles|the-beatles.jpg tablatura-john-lennon|John Lennon|john-lennon.jpg?93 tablatura-elvis-presley|Elvis Presley|elvis-presley.jpg tablatura-coldplay|Coldplay|coldplay.jpg tablatura-ed-sheeran|Ed Sheeran|ed-sheeran.jpg?12 tablatura-alexandre-pires|Alexandre Pires|alexandre-pires.jpg tablatura-roberto-carlos-e-jennifer-lopes|Roberto Carlos e Jennifer Lopes|roberto-carlos-e-jennifer-lopes.jpg?2 tablatura-julio-iglesias|Julio Iglesias|julio-iglesias.jpg tablatura-justin-bieber|Justin Bieber|justin-bieber.jpg tablatura-adele|Adele|adele.jpg tablatura-charles-gounod|Charles Gounod|charles-gounod.jpg tablatura-creedence-clearwater-revival|Creedence Clearwater Revival|creedence-clearwater-revival.jpg tablatura-bob-marley|Bob Marley|bob-marley.jpg tablatura-queen|Queen|queen.jpg tablatura-oasis|Oasis|oasis.jpg 40